The 6th Scientific Meeting of the Asia Pacific Menopause Federation
20 - 23 April 2017
Hotel Fort Canning


Abstract submission is closed.


The Organizing and the Scientific Committees invite you to submit abstracts for inclusion in the scientific programme of the 6th Scientific Meeting of the Asia Pacific Menopause Federation (6th APMF Singapore 2017).

Abstract Categories

Abstracts will be classified under specific categories for review and programme purposes. Submitters are requested to select the topic under which their abstracts belong:



  1. Hormone Therapy
  2. Brain Health
  3. Heart Health
  4. Bone Health
  5. Sexual Health and Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause
  6. Cancers in Midlife
  7. Botanical Alternatives
  8. Lifestyle Choices for Healthy Aging
  9. Premature Ovarian Insufficiency/ Fertility Preservation
  10. Stem Cells & Rejuvenation Therapy


Guidelines for Abstract Submission

  1. Language

All abstracts must be submitted online in English only.

  1. Types of Presentation
    • Free Paper Presentations
      Presenters will be given 10 minutes to present their research findings with 5 minutes for discussion.
    • Poster Presentations 
      Poster details are as follows. There will be a dedicated area for posters and ample breaks during the programme for interaction with poster presenters
  3. Correspondence

Author and co-author information must be provided including the first and last names of all authors, their department, institution / hospital, city, state if applicable and country.

Abstracts must contain original scientific data collected by the author(s). All abstracts will be reviewed by the Abstract Sub-committee. The Abstract Sub-committee reserves the right to determine whether the submission is accepted as oral or poster.

  1. Abstract Receipt Confirmation
    • Upon successful submission, authors will receive an automated acknowledgement via email.
    • Lack of acknowledgement will indicate that the abstract was not received. Please contact us if the abstract you submitted is not followed by an acknowledgement.
    • Abstracts must be received by Tuesday, 31 January 2017
    • Abstracts received after this date will not be accepted.
  2. Notification of Acceptance

The Presenting Author of each abstract accepted will be notified by email by Tuesday, 21 February 2017

  1. Publication
    • Abstracts will be published as submitted.
    • All abstracts accepted for presentation (either oral or poster) will be published only if payment of registration has been made.


  1. Abstracts can only be submitted electronically through the 6th APMF Singapore 2017 website at  from Monday, 1 August 2017.
  2. Abstracts sent by post or email will not be accepted.
  3. Before you can submit the abstract online, you will have to create an account first.
  4. Abstract Submission Fee: For each abstract submitted, you will be charged a fee of SGD27.00 plus the necessary bank administrative charges. Follow the steps given online and proceed to make the necessary payment.
  5. Once payment is completed, you will be directed to the Abstract Submission Page. Please also refer to the General Submission Guidelines below for details.
  6. The final date for all abstracts to be submitted will be Tuesday, 31 January 2017. Abstracts received after this date will not be accepted.
  7. Should you experience any problems with the electronic submission, please contact:

Webmaster : 6th APMF Singapore 2017

Phone:  +(65) 6379 5261 / +(65) 6379 5260
Fax: +(65) 6475 2077 


  1. Describe the Introduction, Methods, Results and Conclusion of the research in the abstract so that the Scientific Committee of the 6th APMF Singapore 2017 can evaluate the quality, originality, and completeness of the abstract.
  2. Abstracts will be judged solely on the basis of the data submitted in the abstract.
  3. Structure
    1. The title must be brief, concise, and in CAPITAL LETTER
    2. The abstract body should have a maximum of 300 words only and submitted in a structured format with complete sentences
    3. Abstract is to be submitted online at:
    4. List no more than 8 individual authors/co-authors for each abstract
    5. The name of the institution(s) to which the authors/co-authors work should be attributed; the department which the authors/co-authors are working with, city and the country; and the contact information ie e-mail address of first author/presenter as well as all the co-authors.
    6. The Abstract Sub-committee reserves the rights to redact any submission
    7. Do not include references in the abstract
    8. Abbreviations should be spelled out, in parenthesis, in its first use in the abstract
  1. Presentation

The Presenting Author whose abstract has been accepted for either oral or poster presentation is required to register and pay the 6th APMF Singapore 2017’s registration fee.


  • Abstract Submission Deadline: Tuesday, 31 January 2017
  • Notification of Acceptance: Tuesday, 21 February 2017
  • Early Bird Registration for Abstract Submitters: Friday, 3 March 2017
  • Withdrawal of Abstract: Friday, 3 March 2017. If the presenting author of an accepted abstract does not register by Friday, 3 March 2017, the abstract will be automatically withdrawn from the final program.



(Before you can submit your abstract online, please create an account by selecting your appropriate registrant type. If you have already created an account, please click the button "Already have an account? Login" and login to your account).